Trivia LIVE! (hosted In Bar)

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30 septembre 2021 - 19 h 00

Trivia LIVE! (hosted In Bar)

This is the return of in person – LIVE Hosted Trivia (In Bar) at The Social YGK

Trivia LIVE! (hosted In Bar) Non-league play

The Social YGK Trivia LIVE! (Hosted In Bar) (Non League) Hosted events which are Free to play in teams competitively against other teams at the physical site (Kingston, ON.) Individual event prizing: 1st-Free Entree Coupon (SocialYGK) for top individual score. Team event prizing: 1st-Free Flight Coupon (SocialYGK) for each team member; 2nd-Free $5.00 OFF Coupon for each team member. League Winning Team: N/A to this event. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** The Social YGK has put a twist on the traditional pub quiz to bring you a unique, fun, and digital live trivia event (In-Bar)! (Seriously... no pens or paper! - use your own portable device (cell/tablet)) With SocialYGK Trivia LIVE, you’ll want to gather your group of friends for a few beers and some good ole friendly competition at The Social YGK, 1600 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. (Technically, people could participate virtually for fun but will not be eligible for prizes.)