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Live Music – John Torres

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Saturday, June 29, 2024 - starting at 7:00 PM

Live Music - John Torres

John Torres

I’ve been a consistent part of the kingston musical community since 1999. Starting out at open mic trying to hone my craft up to par. Today i have performed in almost every kingston venue as a weekly act, a band, or hosting open mic to fellow music enthusiasts. I am a guitar/bass/Ukelele and vocal instructor by day. I have learned many styles of music through this medium. I am comfortable in blues, jazz, rock, folk, country, salsa, r n’ b, hip hop, etc. After a while, it all becomes part of the melting pot in my mind and comes out as ME. I take from everything and create my own recipes of music through songs and jams. I perform with a loop pedal, vocals and an acoustic guitar. My show consists of me looping beatboxing, followed by vocal harmonies and guitar parts to accent the plethora of sounds that i eventually  sing to. I perform classic covers from Bill Withers to Gnarles Barkley and some original material that i’m constantly trying to improve in the hopes of creating an album someday.