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Message from the Host

Virtual Pub Bingo can be played IN BAR and at home or mobile on the Go!

Please view the Event Calendar for event details.


Players must have stable high-speed internet for live-streaming.

Virtual Pub Bingo can be played IN BAR and at home or mobile on the Go!

Event winner status and prizes are only awarded to individuals participating (IN BAR) at The Social YGK, Kingston, Ontario for these events. Although technically people may be able to participate for fun only, in remote virtual fashion (no prizing).

The Virtual Pub Bingo events can get a bit crazy with classic numerical bingo being mixed with Letter bingo, image bingo or even animated GIF bingo. Imagine playing theme-based bingo featuring your favourite categories, holidays or trending topics like Rockstar bingo, mixed drink bingo, or even crazy cat GIF bingo.

Every participant (in-bar) should use their own mobile device (cell/tablet) to go to to login & participate in the Virtual Pub Bingo Event. Scoring will occur automatically by the Bingo system.There is an obligation on the participant to provide accurate information for name, email and cell when creating their account for verifying prizing details.

Multi-game results will now show at session end so it is clear who won the session (group of 10 games)

The next scheduled virtual bingo event appears in the events calendar of the web-site. Click [more events] to see additional information.

Management reserves the right to re-schedule, move or cancel events or the event schedule at any time.

Virtual Pub Bingo is usually an individual activity and is scored and ranked individually. There may be special occasions where we will host team-based Virtual Bingo Events but these special occasions will be detailed in the event schedule.

Scoring for individual games or patterns will be points-based. The individual with the most points during the course of the overall event will be awarded a prize.

Cost to play Free
Participation Age The Bingo experience is restricted to players 19 years old or greater.
Event Prizing The participant with the highest overall event score will be awarded a prize

Any potential winner will be required to provide valid government issued photo ID to confirm identity, age, data accuracy or be eliminated from prizing eligibility.

Prize Pickup At physical Site (Kingston, Ontario)
Time Tuesdays at 7:00 PM EST (subject to scheduled events, see website)
Game URL

Violation of game rules will result in the voiding of any potential wins and no awarding of any prizing. All disputes will be investigated by the company and all resolutions of disputes will be made by the company at its sole discretion.

Technical issues of any type, including technical issues of the company or its affiliates void all games, potential wins, outcomes, prizes or liabilities related to the Bingo service.

By signing up and participating in a Social YGK social games experience participants agree to have their first name, last name, team name (if applicable) and scores visible to the public. This may occur both during the gameplay and afterward on various leaderboards or social media posts promoting the brand(s), social games experience or leaderboard itself.

Participants may delete their personal data at any time via the link provided at the end of each social experience.

To read The Social YGK’s privacy policy and its social media privacy policy which includes social media contests, social media promotions and virtual experiences please go to their web site